Do Hard Things Ride


LIFECYCLES desires to serve riders and support drivers with a well-designed course, encouraging support, and a day to remember. Your participation will fund long distance rides and mentoring for the 140 teens in Lancaster and beyond, as challenge them to “DO HARD THINGS.”

Event Details

  • Date:  July 8
  • Launch:  5:30 – 6:00 am window
  • Location:  Community Bible Church, 331 Anderson Ferry Road, Marietta, PA


To register for the event complete the registration form here and email to

Registration closes at 10 pm June 30th.

GPS Route

The 2023 Do Hard Things Ride is mapped using Ride With GPS. To access the Ride With GPS map click here or on the map below.


What is the length and climb?

  • 172.7 miles with 12,607 feet of climbing.

What is the route like?

  • This route covers the perimeter of beautiful Lancaster County. Riders will enjoy the challenge and scenery of the remote hills, streams and forests; the life giving farm land; the rural communities; and the historic river towns along the beautiful Susquehanna River.
  • This is a strenuous riding challenge that includes numerous steep climbs, remote areas, some narrow shoulders, and some areas of heavy traffic. This is the reason we call it the DO HARD THINGS Challenge Ride.

Where does the ride start?

  • The route begins and ends at Community Bible Church at 331 Anderson Ferry Road, Marietta, PA 17547.

What are the start and finish times?

  • Launch: 5:30 am to 6:00 am window
  • Latest finish time: 8:00 pm.

Who can participate?

  • Individuals can ride this by themselves or in teams of 2 or 3.

What is the cost?

  • $200 per rider. Many people will do fundraisers to earn the entry fee.

Are lights required?

  • Front lights are required at the start. Rear lights are required at all times. If you are planning to do the entire 174 miles, you may need a second rear light because of battery life.

Are helmets required?

  • Yes

Is a GPS device mandatory?

  • Yes. The route will not be marked and some of the turns are obscure. If you are planning to use your phone as your GPS device be aware that will drain your battery and you will need a battery pack to recharge it on the route.

What support is available?

  • There will be 5 checkpoints on the route each with food and water.
  • We will have several vehicles on the course to pick up riders who can not finish.

Where are the checkpoints?

  • Subject to availability, we have tried to space them approximately 30 miles apart.


  1. 39 miles. Susquehanna State Park
  2. 61 miles. Kreider’s Market
  3. 90 miles. Narvon Sunoco
  4. 116 miles. Swamp Christian Fellowship Church
  5. 144 miles. Tree Tops Golf Course

Is there a time limit?

  • Yes. Riders must depart checkpoints by the following times, or they will be asked to discontinue their ride due to the inability to complete the ride safely and on time.
  1. 39 miles. Susquehanna State Park. Riders must depart by 8:30 am.
  2. 61 miles. Kreider’s Market. Riders must depart by 10:45 am.
  3. 90 miles. Narvon Sunoco. Riders must depart by 1:10 pm.
  4. 116 miles. Swamp Christian Fellowship Church. Riders must depart by 3:30 pm.
  5. 144 miles. Tree Tops Golf Course. Riders must depart by 5:45 pm.

Is there any SWAG?

  • All participants will receive a gift bag with a tee shirt and other goodies.
  • Finishers will receive a custom designed medallion. This includes finishers of relay teams.

What about the food I want?

  • Bring a small go bag with whatever you want: food, dry kit, lights, sports drink, etc. We will ensure your bag is waiting for you at Checkpoints 2 & 4.

Can I have a personal support vehicle?

  • Yes, but the vehicle must not interfere with the event or other riders.

What support is there for teams?

Teams are responsible for transporting team members & go bags to their rendezvous points.

Where are the team rendezvous points?

Team handoffs between riders will occur at the checkpoints as they will be easiest to find.

  • The relay rendezvous point for 2 person teams is checkpoint 3 at 90 miles.
  • The relay rendezvous points for 3 person teams are checkpoint 2 (61 miles) and checkpoint 4 (116 miles).