What We Do

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LIFECYCLES exists to build young men and women of character. We believe that God loves — and has a plan for — each person. LIFECYCLES wraps mentoring, spiritual development, and life skills development in the adventure of a Christ-centered bicycle touring experience for teens. This unique combination introduces new environments, provides physical activity and an enjoyment of creation that can be sustained for decades.  And, it opens teens to communication and learning during these crucial years of development and opportunity.

“Lifecycles founder Lee DeRemer said that it was a joy watching the boys flourish on the challenge rides as they accomplished something that they may not have thought they could conquer. One of the groups completed a 78-mile loop around Mount Washington at an elevation of more than 4,400 feet.”

-Chelsea Peifer of Town Lively Read the full article here

In the LIFECYCLES experience, boys and girls come under the loving mentorship of a group of men and women who will guide him to a fulfilling, contributing adulthood. Teens are introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited into an eternal relationship with the God of the universe. They learn teamwork, leadership, followership, the value of their education, and practical life skills from money management to healthy living habits, finding and holding a job, and engaging others with respect, honesty, and dignity.

LIFECYCLES is in the business of encouraging dreams and helping to bring those dreams to life. We dare to dream with teens, and we dare to hope in their futures. In these pages, we invite you to get involved to make dreams real – by praying, volunteering, donating, sponsoring, or becoming a LIFECYCLES partner. And, we invite you to celebrate each success with us along the way.

Bicycle Touring

LIFECYCLES provides a unique, Christ-centered outdoor adventure experience designed to build young men and women of character.

Physical exercise, a change of environment, and discovering new roads and capabilities creates the conditions for growth and learning. Teens are challenged and encouraged as they learn riding skills, teamwork, road safety, and leadership skills.

Three days per week (Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturdays), LIFECYCLES teens exercise, train, and ride with the experienced cyclists and trained mentors. Weekday rides are for training, while Saturday rides explore new roads and achieve greater distances as riders build confidence and pride in their results.

In summer months, LIFECYCLES teens experience multi-day rides to continue to expand their capabilities, self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.

The future holds a not-so-impossible trans-continental ride!


LIFECYCLES is committed to teens for the long haul. LIFECYCLES teens receive mentoring and encouragement to help them complete high school and enter the work force, trade school, or college as guided by their goals and aptitudes.

LIFECYCLES teens can trust that they are not alone and that a group of men and women will be there to guide them into adulthood. Each accomplishment is celebrated and built upon to guide teens to greater levels of achievement and satisfaction, not just in the bicycle saddle, but especially in school and at home.

Life Skills Development

LIFECYCLES believes in the total development of teens. We are networked with partner organizations committed to teaching life skills to help teens succeed in school, at work, and in adulthood.

LIFECYCLE teens learn principles of basic money management, basic home and automobile repair, how to engage authority figures effectively as fellow community members, and how to approach the responsibilities of adulthood. They learn and practice effective lifelong fitness and health habits. And, they learn to serve others in the community through their own creativity and initiative, as well as in cooperation with their sponsor church.

Spiritual Development

LIFECYCLES values the life-changing love of Jesus and the hope proclaimed in the good news of the Gospel. The guiding principle for everything we do at LIFECYCLES is our confidence in the historic promise recorded in Jeremiah 29:11 ….

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Teens share church attendance and teen ministry programs with a sponsor church or in their own church. In each contact with LIFECYCLES leaders and volunteers, teens are reminded of God’s love for them, His belief in their futures, and His desire to have a relationship with them. We know that across the ages and across cultures, this hope continues to lift people out of difficult circumstances, change lives, and build new futures.